African Scientists Directory End-User Policy

Who qualifies as an “African Scientist”?

  • The person – in the past, currently, or in future – has, is, or will be conducting research pertinent to Africa.
  • The person must be a holder of a PhD in any subject field.
  • Persons with Masters degrees in engineering and health will also be considered for inclusion.
  • Profiles from Africans receive preference. It is however acknowledged that there are many scientists globally working towards advancing science on the continent, and who have excellent expertise on African subject matter, and who are passionate about African science. Where non-Africans apply for inclusion, they are required to expand on the science work they are involved with as far as Africa concerns (in the biography).

What are the roles and responsibilities of different “users”?

  • A person is required to register as a user in order to submit a listing. This person is referred to as a user (can read and receive email alerts), subscriber (can submit), or reviewer (can review).
  • A registered user can “flag” a listing for attention to the administrators, while logged in. The person can also contact any of the scientists on the directory, via the online form underneath each profile. Typical reasons for flagging a listing would include when a scientist passes away, the listing requires an update, the listing contains incorrect/false information/claims, and more.
  • A subscriber (scientist) can submit his/her profile for review. Where a subscriber has submitted a profile, the person can edit his/her own listing. All are encouraged to upload recent profile photos when submitting profiles. Once submitted, it remains the responsibility of the owner of the profile to keep his/her information up to date. An email alert will be sent during the 1st month of each year, as a reminder to update individual listings. When submitting a new listing, the subscriber is required to agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

“I hereby grant permission that selected professional biographical information about myself be displayed and indexed through this directory. I understand that personal information such as my email address and phone number/s will not be displayed and shared with any third party. I further undertake to keep my personal details up to date. I have read and agreed to the privacy policy at”

  • The reviewer verifies all the information contained in the listing while pending. Where no photo has been uploaded, the reviewer will try to source a professional photo from existing online platforms, such as LinkedIn. The listing will be approved once the information has been verified, and the subscriber (scientist) will receive a confirmation email. Please verify that the final listing on the directory contains correct information. The reviewer further is responsible for reviewing any changes made to existing listings, and approves once verified. Duplicate listings are further removed or merged.
  • The administrator maintains the website and database, and creates backups.
  • The viewer (not an official role) is the person who visits/searches the directory from time to time. The directory is open access, and can be accessed by anyone with online access.

What are the requirements to have a new listing “Published”?

  • All mandatory fields should be verifiable and completed.
  • ORCiD should have been registered, and the profile active and complete.
  • Evidence of a person being employed on an institutional website should be provided.

What are the requirements to have a new listing “Rejected”?

  • The owners/administrator of this directory have the right to reject a listing when not adhering to any of the requirements.
  • The information provided does not add up, and cannot be cross-checked.
  • When a submission appears to be “spam”.
  • A listing can be rejected without requiring the admin to provide feedback, and without having to engage in any negotiations.
  • When an individual uses the directory to find a job.

What does it mean when a new listing is “Pending”?

  • It is currently under review, and not published yet.

What does a “flagged” listing mean?

  • For some reason, the listing has been brought to the attention of the directory administrators, for it to be edited/updated/removed.
  • The admin investigates and verifies claims made, and if in doubt, refers it to the Directory Committee.

When will a listing be suppressed/withdrawn/removed/deleted?

  • When academic and or professional information is incomplete.
  • When no research has been conducted to advance science on the continent.
  • When inactive, and the listing is not regularly updated.
  • When the scientist has passed away.
  • Evidence of unethical/inappropriate behavior reported and evidence provided of such.
  • Evidence of any information that cannot be properly verified.
  • On request of the owner/subscriber/listed person, providing reasonable motivation.

Who can access the directory?

  • Selected biographical information is made available as Open Access.
  • Selected information is available to the Administrators of the directory only.

What is the responsibility of ASSAf?

  • Provide 1st level technical support, day-to-day maintenance, and frequent back-ups. More advanced support is outsourced.
  • Manage and maintain, approve/publish new listings. Verify new listings and the data it contains.

For what purposes can the data be used, and which CC-license applies?

  • Under no conditions will exported lists of data be provided to 3rd party users.
  • Data available as Open Access to the public, can be used for purposes of advancing science.
  • Refer to the Data Privacy Policy for the alignment of the directory with POPIA.


Neither ASSAf, or the DSI takes any responsibility for the correctness of the content. Although we do our level best to verify all, we acknowledge that the profiles can be edited and changed by individuals at any stage. It remains the responsibility of the end-user to verify that information is correct when working with an individual registered on the directory. We further do not take any responsibility for any negative consequences resulting from any incorrect information provided by the end-user.