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Antoine Floribert
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MBA (2003, University of Johannesburg, South Africa); PhD (1994, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium); MEng (1989, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium); License in Physics (1983, University of Kinshasa, Congo);
Brief Biography (English)

Professor Antoine Floribert Mulaba-Bafubiandi currently works at the Department of Metallurgy, University of Johannesburg. He does research in Metals and value addition, Metals recovery, artisanal and small scale processing, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Mining Engineering. His current projects include, the use of Mossbauer spectroscopy in mineral processing, 'Beneficiation of geophagic materials for a safer consumption', recovery of PGM's from plant and mine wastes, Value recovery from gold bearing precipitates, valorisation of macadamia nutshells as applied in metallurgy and foundry, rural community development, and clays and clayey soils. Welding metallurgy and liquid and solid wastes are additional interests.

Prof Mulaba-Bafubiandi has extensive experience in academia and industry consulting in the minerals sector. Prolific publisher Prof Mulaba-Bafubiandi has more than 150 journal articles, book chapters and books, and technical reports. He successfully supervised numerous PhD holders and Masters degree students. Circular economy, industry symbiosis, waste to energy, green energy and sustainability in production, disruptive technologies, technology for sustainable development; water and urban mining are his interests. Monitoring and evaluations of interventions, strategy, governance and education and training through action research with community development  are his hobbies.


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University of Johannesburg
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Congo, Democratic Republic of the
African Region
Central Africa

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