Full First Name(s)
Faith Tebatso
Title (honorific)
Academic Qualifications
PhD (2023, University of the Western Cape, South Africa); MSc (2021, University of Limpopo, South Africa); BSc Hons (2018, University of Limpopo, South Africa) BSc (2017, University of Limpopo, South Africa)
Brief Biography (English)

Miss Faith Tebatso Moichela has vast experience in the academic sector which spans nearly 8 years with a demonstrable interest in facilitating, demonstrating, teaching, assisting, mentorship, and scholarship. Her area of specialisation has always been medical biosciences, with a specific emphasis on physiology and anatomy and pathology. She is fascinated by teaching and imparting knowledge. As they are often inseparable, she also loves research. In this category, she has been involved in research processes, inquiry, experimentation and laboratory work since 2017 in the Honours program until now. While she has and continues to meet and make some success in the teaching, learning and research environments, she would like to venture into the industry, broadly speaking. Anything involving clinical, pharmaceutical, sales, product specialisation, consultancy and scientific project management roles.

Job Title
Research scholar and tutor
Primary Organisation
University of the Western Cape
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African Country
South Africa
African Region
Southern Africa
Non-African country/countries of residing and working (present & past)

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