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Nonhlanhla Sharon
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Academic Qualifications
PhD (2020, University of Cape Town, South Africa); MPhil (2015, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe); BSc Honours (2011, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe)
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Dr Nonhlanhla Sharon Mkumbuzi's interest is in the menstrual cycle hormones and their effect on the aetio-pathogenesis of musculoskeletal sports injuries in the female athlete and how these mechanisms can be translated to inform clinical therapeutic interventions that are relevant to this population. Furthermore, she is interested in the intersectionality of race, gender, culture and economics with sports medicine, especially in the female African athlete. From her various work experiences, she has accrued considerable and diverse experience in research, scientific writing and teaching. In addition, from her experience with Zimbabwe Rugby, Football and other sporting codes, she is aware of the clinically relevant problems in a sports setting that can reliably inform clinical/basic research.

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Post-Doctoral Researcher
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University of Cape Town
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Southern Africa

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