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PhD (2020, Rhodes University, South Africa); MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation (2012, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland); BA in Natural Sciences (Mod in Zoology, 2010, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
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Dr Orla McEvoy's primary passion lies in the conservation of biodiversity, with a focus on the restoration of natural processes to manipulated regions and the education thereof.

She recently finished working on a PhD in Zoology at Rhodes University, South Africa that involved meta-analyses of lion population dynamics, behavior and management protocols within enclosed wildlife reserves. This research supported the development of best-practice recommendations for the management of free-roaming lions in fenced reserves of Southern Africa. This follows an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation (2012) and a BSc in Zoology (2010), attained from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Dr McEvoy's initial research interest focused on urban ecology and related island biogeography theory, including an independent research project on (sub/) urban small mammal communities. Her more recent studies have centered on wildlife management issues within enclosed systems, leading from her MSc thesis that focused on elephant impact patterns within an enclosed wildlife reserve.

In association with Wildlife and Ecological Investments (WEI) and Operation Wallacea (OpWall) she also delivered lecture courses to international groups of school and university students from Balule Private Nature Reserve, Limpopo.

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PhD Candidate
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Rhodes University
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