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PhD (2004, University of Cape Town); MSc (University of Cape Town); BSc (Hon) (1992, University of Cape Town); Diploma (1991, University of Cape Town); BA (1989, University of Cape Town)
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Thalassa Matthews is a curator at Iziko Museums of South Africa. She continues to research the micromammals from a number of palaeontological and archaeological sites from all over South Africa. Her speciality is microfauna, that is small mammals such as mice, rats, shrews, mole rats, and frogs. The palaeo distributions and biogeographies of these small fauna are of particular interest to her. Taphonomy forms an integral part of the palaeoenvironmental studies as it informs on depositional and post-depositional processes that have affected the fossil assemblages.

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Iziko Museum of South Africa
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South Africa
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Southern Africa