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PhD (2008, University of South Africa, South Africa) MSc (1988, North West University, South Africa) BSc Hons (1984, University of Pretoria, South Africa) PGCE (1982 University of Pretoria, South Africa) FDE (1889, South African College for Further Education, South Africa)
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Professor Jeanne Kriek is a professor in the Department of Physics at University of South Africa. Her research in that field is primarily with finding strategies to alleviate misconceptions held by physics students in high school and tertiary institutions. Specifically, her focus is in the use of technology as a cognitive tool to enhance conceptual change and understanding in some selected physics topics that students find particularly difficult. This results in the development of different learning progressions for students to use to enable them to transfer their knowledge to novel situations. Prof Kriek is a B rated National Research Foundation (NRF) researcher.

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University of South Africa
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South Africa
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Southern Africa
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