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Erhabor Sunday
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PhD Clinical Psychology (1995, University of Ibadan, Nigeria); MSc Clinical Psychology (1990, University of Ibadan, Nigeria); BSc (Hons) Psychology (1986, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
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Prof Erhabor Sunday Idemudia is the Former Head and Subject Chair of the Department of Psychology, North-West University, South Africa, and is currently a tenured Full Professor of the Research-Social Science Cluster in the Faculty of Humanities.

His educational background includes a BSc with Honours in Psychology, an MSc and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He is an NRF Established Rated Scientist in South Africa and a Recipient of the Georg-Forster Life-Time Achievement Award in Research for Senior Professors, Germany. Prof Idemudia is a Humboldtian, Germany; a Leventis Fellow, UK; a Salzburg Fellow, Austria; a Phodiso-UCLA Fellow and Advisor, USA, amongst others.

He is currently the General-Secretary and Registrar of Membership of the World Council for Psychotherapy's African Chapter and a Board Member for the WCP  in Austria. Prof Idemudia is an Associate Editor (AE) of the Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, South Africa and AE of Heliyon (Netherlands).

His Research contributions to science are anchored on two domains: (1) applied research in psychopathology and interventions with vulnerable populations such as migrants/refugees, IDPs (2) Cultural aspects of African-oriented psychology and illness attributions.

Prof Idemudia has over 200 Publications in peer-reviewed journals and books of a wide readership. He is a Fellow of the World Council for Psychotherapy in Austria, the Nigerian Psychology Association. as well as the Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists.

He is the Author (with Klaus Boehnke) of “I’m an alien in Deutschland: A quantitative mental health case study of African Immigrants in Germany".

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Professor of Research
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North-West University, South Africa
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West Africa

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