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William (Bill)
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PhD (1996, University of Cape Town, South Africa); MPhil (Law) (2017, University of Cape Town, South Africa); MSc (1992, University of Cape Town, South Africa); BSc Honours (1977, Rhodes University, South Africa); BSc (1976, Rhodes University, South Africa)
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Dr Bill Harding has degrees in Chemistry and Microbiology from Rhodes University, and Zoology (Limnology, PhD) from the University of Cape Town. He also holds a Master’s degree in Public Law (Environmental Law) from the University of Cape Town and is currently (2021) enrolled for a PhD in Public Law. He's a Director and Co-owner of DH Environmental Consulting (Pty) Ltd, providing Science and Law-focussed Solutions to Aquatic Problems through Assessment, Education and Planning. Southern African Representative for bbe Moldaenke (Germany) - manufacturers of algal fluorimeters and toxicity monitoring equipment. Southern African Partner for the Sensileau Platform. He's a PhD Professional Limnologist, Algologist  & Aquatic Ecologist, PrSciNat (Registered in Aquatic Science, Ecological Science and Microbiological Science). An Ecologist specialising in aquatic ecosystems & environmental law (water and public trust law). He has forty-one years of multi-disciplinary experience, spread between industry (industrial microbiology), local government (hydrobiology and public health/environmental microbiology) and private consulting (ecology, aquatic sciences and environmental law – and with thirty years of wetland experience). This has provided him with unparalled skills to review and assess environmental problems from multiple stakeholder needs and perspectives.

Dr Harding is South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP)-registered in the fields of Ecological, Aquatic and Microbiological science. Over the years he has gained solid international recognition in a number of key areas of applied aquatic research, generally using novel approaches to understand and address often enigmatic environmental scenarios. He has authored 700 consultancy reports ¾ ranging from headwater streams in the Cedarberg mountains to hypersaline lakes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In recent years Dr Harding has, inter alia, been responsible for restoring the use of diatoms to biomonitoring in South Africa; the development of easy-to-use modelling tools for eutrophication assessment; the application of Stable Isotope Analysis for mapping aquatic foodwebs and the determination of sustainable nutrient loads for South Africa’s most important dams. He has also co-invented, tested and patented miniaturised, programmable water temperature and conductivity data loggers. He designed and oversaw the construction of the award-winning Intaka Island wetland at Century City.

Dr Harding brings the aforementioned rare & unique wealth of experience to the benefit of clients [include: Private, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Local and Provincial Authorities and State Departments nationwide] requiring e.g. Environmental Development Due Diligence reviews (pre- or post-purchase); Development Constraints Analyses; reviews of specialist reports for accuracy and integrity; review of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), BAR and/or Water Use Licence (WUL) applications for completeness; site assessments; and data audits and analysis

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DH Environmental Consulting (Pty) Ltd
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South Africa
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Southern Africa

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