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Mohammed Kurama
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PhD (2012, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria); MSc (1996, Rivers State University, Nigeria); BSc (1991, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria)
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Dr Mohammed Kurama Hamadina holds a BSc (Agriculture), MSc (Soil Science) and PhD (Plant Science and Biotechnology -Plant Ecology) and study broadly focused on soil quality and environmental protection. He specialise in the manipulation of soil biological/biochemical processes to manage, protect, and restore the environment, as well as ensure healthy plants and climate-smart agriculture. His 28 year experience spans across research (at international research institute), teaching of postgraduate courses in two universities and consultancy services in the industrial sector. His BSc research was on nitrogen nutrition of maize using two N sources on two soil types under savannah conditions. As a Youth Corp Member/Research Assistant at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), he was introduced to agroforestry research by Dr Biauw Tjwan Kang (aka the father of alley cropping), and he was involved in studies that focused on: 1) long-term effects of alley cropping on soil erosion, 2) root studies and subterranean competition in alley cropping, 3) effects of pruning frequency on the production and distribution of phenolic compounds by alley cropping tree species, and 4) long term research on nutrient recycling under alley cropping system. In addition to routine research field maintenance and data collection from experimental fields, he wrote a research proposal on “Sulphur Recycling in Alley Cropping System” and successfully conducted the experiment.

Based on his undergraduate records and research exposure at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), he wrote a proposal and competed for a Research Fellowship awarded by a “Special Project on the Role of Plant Residue in Soil Management for Food Production in the Humid Tropics”. The project was funded by the Dutch Directorate General for International cooperation, and jointly executed by Institute for Agrobiology and Soil Fertility (AB-DLO), The Netherlands and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria. He was one of the two Africans selected for the fellowship, and the first Youth Corp Member to do so in the history of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). His MSc research looked at plant residue decomposition and nutrient release processes (involving both above and below ground plant residues). He carried out studies on nitrogen fixation, decomposition and nutrient release of some cover crops and agroforestry plant species.  At the PhD level, his research elucidated the effects of land-use and land cover changes on soil quality in the humid tropics. The research involved the application of mixed techniques: satellite imagery analysis, soil sampling and analyses, microbial assays, and identification of human pathogenic organisms and their resistance to antibiotics.  About 20 years ago, he founded and remain the Chief Consultant of Biogeochem Associates Ltd, a consultancy firm that has been rendering environmental services since its inception. In addition to consultancy, he engaged in supervision and mentoring of undergraduate industrial trainees and engage in collaborative research.

His research interest focuses on the effects of human activities on soil quality and the manipulation of soil microbial/biochemical processes to reverse such effects. He is also interested in the assessment of anthropogenic impacts on the soil/environment, remediation of contaminated soils, biological agriculture to enhance food production, and in combating climate change. His vision is to see the discipline of Soil Science play prominent roles in Nigeria’s economic growth, in sustainable resource management, in sustainable agriculture, in the remediation and restoration of polluted environments, and in combating climate change. His mission is to apply his experience, skills, and intellect to broaden the reach of soil science.

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Biogeochem Associates Ltd
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West Africa

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