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Marijke Antonia
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Academic Qualifications
PhD (2014, University of Cambridge, England); BSc Eng Chemistry (2008, University of Cape Town, South Africa)
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Dr Marijke Antonia Fagan-Endres is an National Research Foundation (NRF) Y1 rated academic in the Centre for Bioprocess Engineering (CeBER) at the University of Cape Town. Her research focus is on developing sustainable bioprocesses for novel bioproducts, enhanced routes to resource efficiency and remediation, routes for value from waste and socially responsible process solutions through engaging nature inspired bioprocesses.

Since taking up her current academic position, Her research focus has been on bioproduct development. This includes: (i) the production and formulation of probiotics targeted at the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, (ii) the production of biological pigments, primarily c-Phycocyanin extraction from the blue-green microalgae Spirulina and (iii) production and performance assessment of bioflotation reagents.

Dr Fagan-Endres' interest in bioprocess engineering was first initiated during her time as a Centre for Business and Economics Research (CeBER) Research Assistant, investigating algal carbon uptake mechanisms. Her PhD and post-doctorate focused on the heap bioleaching process, and the development of tomographic (MRI, X-ray micro-CT) and microcalorimetry methods for its study.

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Senior Lecturer
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University of Cape Town
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African Country
South Africa
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Southern Africa

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