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PhD (2018, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University); MSc (2013, University of Limpopo); Agronomy Engineering (2001, University of Caldas)
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Dr. Echeverri-Molina is a former Colombian Coffee Grower. He has over 10 years of research experience in entomology/forestry/agriculture. International expertise in Integrated Pest and Disease Management with an emphasis on biological control agents, synthetic agricultural remedies, and Plant Nutrition/Soil Conservation (Fertilization) products. Dr. Echeverri-Molina has a Knowledge in Agro-Environmental Sustainability principles, in natural resources use, management and conservation, in Integrated Crop Management, in Good Agricultural Practices and environmental project implementation. His Technical experience extends over 30 commercial crops, experience working with introduced plant species such as black wattle, eucalypts and pines, biocontrol agents of the most important pests of eucalypts and pines in the world, the Eucalyptus snout beetle and the Sirex woodwasp, respectively. He also has experience in working with South African indigenous soil pests such as different species of white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), which are the most important establishment pests in commercial forestry and sugarcane. Pragmatic knowledge on the control of the Fall Armyworm. Marketing and sales experience as Technical Crops Management & Sales Consultant. Over 10 years’ experience on Farm & Community Advisory with an emphasis on crop production systems.

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AgriAyoba (Pty) Ltd
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