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PhD Environmental Management (2018, University of South Africa, South Africa); MSc Geography (2013, University of South Africa, South Africa)
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Dr Kaitano Dube is an National Research Foundation (NRF) rated tourism geographer with a strong presence in the area of climate change, tourism and climate change, aviation and recently COVID-19 and tourism. He also has a presence in tourism and sustainable development. He is a multi-award winner in research and teaching. Due to his distinguished work, he has also been invited as a panellist and keynote speaker at local and international conferences and summer schools by various universities. Dr Dube is currently lecturing Ecotourism Management at the Vaal University of Technology. He graduated 10 BTech Students and supervising 5 Masters students in climate change tourism and sustainability-related space. Dr Dube was an Adjunct Lecturer for Physical Geography at IIE Monash University South Africa and is an appointed PhD examiner at University of the Witwatersrand, Durban University of Technology and the University of Pretoria. His work on climate change has been extensively covered by international media channels such as ABC television, TRT World, National Geographic, Atlas Obscure Wunderground and several lead professional and circular newspapers across the world. In that regard, Dr Dube has distinguished himself as an international scholar of repute. He has conducted tens of reviews for high impact international peer-reviewed journals. He is a regular tourism commentator in national and international news agencies

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Vaal University of Technology
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South Africa
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Southern Africa

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