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PhD (2018, UNISA, South Africa); MEd (2015, North-West University, South Africa); PGCE (1995, North-West University, South Africa); BSc (1994, North-West University, South Africa)
Brief Biography (English)

Dr. Adri du Toit specializes in Teacher Education and Curriculum Development, preparing Consumer Studies and Technology teachers at the Faculty of Education of the North-West University. She focuses on developing entrepreneurship education at school level and has published and presented numerous articles on research regarding a range of pedagogical and curriculum issues in her specialist subject fields, while maintaining a focus on entrepreneurship education. Dr Du Toit enjoys collaborating with researchers from across the globe but particularly with academics that share the challenges and delights of developing education on the African continent. She currently serves as the President of the South African Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (SAAFECS).

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Senior Lecturer
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North-West University, South Africa
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African Country
South Africa
African Region
Southern Africa
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Adri Du Toit @ SAAFECS 2020