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Dereje Bayissa
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Associate Professor
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MA (2023, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia); DLitt et Phil (2020, University of South Africa, South Africa); MSc(2013, Jima University, Ethiopia); BSN(2009, Haramaya University, Ethiopia)
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Dr Dereje Bayissa Demissie  is an Associate Professor of Maternity and Reproductive Health at Saint Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College.  He had graduated with a Doctor of Literature and Philosophy in Health Studies from the University of South Africa, a Master's degree in Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing from Jimma University, and a Master of Art in Project Management from the Addis Ababa University School of Commerce.

He has a rich academic and research background, with a strong focus on maternal and child health research, particularly in the context of Ethiopia. His works has been recognised and cited by many in the field, indicating the significant impact of my contributions. His research interests are broad and multifaceted, encompassing a range of maternal and child health and public health issues. He has conducted extensive research on infectious diseases, including HIV, antenatal care, integration of FP and HIV treatment, unmet needs of FP, dual contraceptive utilisation, fertility desire, birth preparedness, and complication readiness, as evidenced by their papers published in high-impact journals and cited in many thousands of published articles and meta-analyses in the area. Dr Demissie's previous experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, interpretation, and presentation in these areas suggests a deep commitment to understanding and addressing these major maternal and child health problems in our context, and he do have proven experience in implementation research treating and protocol development by using digital health and am certified for a certificate of completion in implementation research.

Dr Demissie has been conducting sexual and reproductive researches and published about fifty articles on reputable scientific journals. He won award of best researcher in sexual and reproductive health in 2022 at the annual research conference organized by the Center of Excellence. He has also been working for Harvard University as researcher on a project entitled "People's Voice survey”. Aside from academic and research responsibilities, Dr Demissie is among founders of Millennium-Journal of Health (MJH) and he is an Associate Editor in Chief for the journal. Additionally, Dr  Demissie had obtained Diploma on Scientific Writing II: with designing mega project, which was offered by Norwegian institute of public health, OSLO, Norway..

Dr Demissie has extensive research experience, having conducted, reviewed, and also published more than twenty-five research articles related to sexual and reproductive health and rights (maternal health, FP, adolescents and youth, family planning, HIV/STIs, and COVID-19-related) Peer reviewer of two international journals, associate editor of the Millennium Journal of Health (SPHMMC), and more than twelve poster and oral annual research presentations. A researcher, advisor of graduate MSc students, primary advisors for more than four per year, and co-advisor for  PhD fellows at public University. He won best researcher in sexual reproductive health in 2022 at the annual research conference organised by the Center of Excellence. As Associate Editor in Chief, Millennium-Journal of Health (MJH).


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Associate Professor
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Saint Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College
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East Africa
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