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PhD (2010, North-West University, South Africa)
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Dr Annamagriet De Wet is a senior-lecturer in education law and a researcher in the research-unit Education and Human Rights in Diversity (Edu-HRight), concerned with scholarly enquiry into human rights in education, at the Faculty of Education of the North-West University, South Africa. Previously she did post-doctoral research in the HREiD (Human Rights Education in Diversity) research-group for almost four years (2010-2013). Between 2000 and 2010 she lectured Education Law in the same faculty. Her area of specialisation is education law and she has been on the executive committee of the South African Education Law Association since Sept 2013. Her research focus is on realising human rights in and through education from education law and diversity perspectives.

Dr De Wet has participated in the following research projects: “Sexual harassment of learners in secondary schools” (PhD study, 2010), “Gender violence against girls in secondary schools” [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-funded project, 2008], “The experiences of female school principals in South Africa” (Commonwealth-project in association with Southampton University, 2010); “Human Rights Education in diverse religious and cultural environments” [South Africa Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development (SANPAD)-funded project, 2012] and “Human Rights Literacy: a quest for meaning” [National Research Foundation (NRF)-funded project, current]. Dr De Wet is the project leader of an National Research Foundation (NRF)-funded project titled “The possibilities of Human Rights Literacies for transformative teacher education” (2016-2019).

Dr De Wet's publications include articles in national and international journals, papers in conference proceedings and chapters in books, peer-reviewed. Qualifications include: B Com, PGCE, B Ed Honours and M Ed (all cum laude) and PhD in Education Law.

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Senior lecturer
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North-West University
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South Africa
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Southern Africa

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