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PhD (2015, Rhodes University, South Africa); MSc (2012, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe); BSc Hons (2008, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe); Certificate in Project Management (2016, Rhodes University, South Africa); Certificate in Aquatic Ecosystems - Processes and Applications (2012, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education formerly UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Netherlands)
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Dr Tatenda Dalu is interested in the general aquatic ecology of wetlands, reservoirs and rivers/estuaries. He has a strong interest in trophic ecology, environmental assessment, biodiversity and conservation. Dr Dalu is particularly interested in how ecological systems respond to an environmental disturbance caused by anthropogenic impacts, hydroperiod and invasive species. Working with fellow ecologists, resource managers and policymakers often stimulates new directions for his Research. Most of his Projects use field observations, and experiments, to better understand the effects of natural and anthropogenic factors on flora and fauna and their role in aquatic ecosystems. Field studies are used to identify interesting patterns in nature that may indicate ecological and environmental problems or an interesting natural phenomenon. Manipulative experiments in artificial microcosms and mesocosms are used to confirm cause-effect relationships. He Collaborates widely with colleagues (fellow scientists, managers) from different universities/institutes on different projects and he often teams up with National Parks and/or Game Reserve scientists and field staff at the front lines of conservation. Dr Dalu Publishes his findings mainly as peer-reviewed Articles, Popular Articles and Research Reports. He is currently Co-Editing two books for Academic Press (an imprint of Elsevier Publishing, London, UK) on Fundamentals of Tropical Freshwater Wetlands: From Ecology to Conservation Management with Prof Ryan J Wasserman (Rhodes University, South Africa) and Emerging Freshwater Pollutants: Fate, Risk and Analysis with Dr Nikita T Tavengwa (University of Venda South Africa). He is also an Editor for Environmental Advances and Frontiers in Water: Water Quality, and an Associate Editor for Aquatic Invasions and Bioinvasions Records. He is also a Professional Registered Scientist (Biological Sciences), a STIAS Iso Lomso Fellow, TWAS Young Affiliates Fellow, a Member of the Royal Society of South Africa and the South Africa Youth Academy of Sciences, and a Research Associate at South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.

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University of Mpumalanga, South Africa
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South Africa
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Southern Africa

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