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Dunsin Abimbola
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Academic Qualifications
PhD (2018, University of Lagos, Nigeria); MSc (2006, University of Lagos, Nigeria); BSc (2002, University of Lagos, Nigeria)
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Dr Dunsin Abimbola Bolaji is a Chief Research Officer in Fishing Technology and Safety Department of Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR) with a PhD in Marine Biology where he has worked for the past 11 years on fishing gear modification for improving performance, conservation of endangered species, monitoring and utilisation of marine invasive species with a specific focus on the impact of Sargassum on the Nigeria coastal waters.

Dr Bolaji has participated in several Environmental Impact Assessment on the Coast of West Africa (Nigeria-Ghana) in the last 17 years, a member of the second leg team for FAO/NORAD R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen Survey of the Pelagic Fish Resources and Ecosystem off West Africa (Liberia-Ghana). A technical expert on Regional Strategy Validation Meeting on Sargassum Seaweed and Marine / Coastal Invasive Species and also the team leader for Conservation of the African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) through alternative livelihood. He has 22 conference papers, 11 journals and 1 book published in local and international journals covering human interaction and impact on the aquatic ecosystem.

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Chief Research Officer
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Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
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African Country
African Region
West Africa

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