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Bassey Echeng
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Academic Qualifications
PhD (2016, Kuban State University, Nigeria); MSc (2006, Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria); BSc (University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria)
Brief Biography (English)

Dr Bassey Echeng Bassey is a philosopher of Computational Mathematics and Informatics, MSc in Industrial Mathematics, and BSc in Mathematic/Statistics. He is a Senior Researcher/ Lecturer and presently the Co-coordinator – Head of General mathematics and Pre-degree program, Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Nigeria. He is publisher and author of well over 40 papers in reputable journals including monographs’ and textbooks with citation over 537 times with 12 h-index. Research interests: include but not limited to mathematical modeling, numerical methods; simulation analysis, mathematical methods, optimality theory, computer technology and complexes of programs.

Job Title
Lecturer/ Senior Researcher
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Cross River University of Technology
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African Region
West Africa
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