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PhD (2007, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa); MSocSc (1999, University of Natal, South Africa); BSocSc (Hons) (1998, University of Natal, South Africa); BSocSc (1997, University of Natal, South Africa)
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Prof Brendon Barnes Writes in the fields of critical psychology, environmental health and research methodologies. His research is based on the following assumptions: toxic physical environments have negative impacts on psychological, social and physical health; environmental impacts disproportionately affect the poor and marginalized; and interventions are inherently political. He contributes to the field in three ways: to identify evidence of disproportionate environmental impacts, to strengthen critical methodologies to study environmental and social injustices, and to reveal the ways in which environmental activism is undermined. Prof Barnes has worked on studies of air pollution, housing, lead poisoning, mercury, water and sanitation, and climate change that cut across impact, intervention, activism and politics.

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Professor of Psychology
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University of Johannesburg
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African Country
South Africa
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Southern Africa

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