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DSc (2012, University of Salford); PhD (1997, University of Salford); MSc (1972, University of Salford); MSc (1963, Chelsea College of SC and Tech); BSc (1962, University of Calcutta)
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Dr Atchia is a senior Mauritian consultant in the Education, Curriculum development and planning and the Environmental Education sectors, with wide international experience, especially in national and regional coordinator positions. He has been a Programme Director at UN Environmental Programms (Chief, Environmental Education, and Training Unit) in Nairobi from 1986 to 1996, responsible during the same period for the “International Environmental Education Programme” of UNESCO/UNEP, active in over 100 member states. He has gained his professional experience in both developing countries (Africa, Asia, and South America) and Europe/North America/Australia. He has extensive experience as a specialist and trainer in the following fields, environmental education and sustainable development education (a field now called ESD which he is credited to have launched in 1993). National curriculum development and planning; science education; integrated environmental management (a field which is he is credited of having launched, with the publication by John Wiley in 1995 of ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS, Integrated Environmental Management, Editors Michael Atchia, and Shawna Tropp). A regular press commentator and, for over 45 years, a presenter of Educational TV programmes at MBC, with the Mauritius College of the Air and elsewhere.

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Mauritius Institute of Education
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East Africa

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