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PhD (2011, University of Johannesburg, South Africa); MSc (1994, University of Natal, South Africa); BSc Hons (1991, University of Natal, South Africa); BSc (1990, University of Natal, South Africa)
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Professor Charmaine Arderne is an Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg in the Department of Chemical Sciences, APK Campus. Her field of speciality is small molecule Chemical Crystallography and my research interests include Bioinorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Education and Biocatalysis. She has been at the University of Johannesburg from 2005 until the present and I teach mainly at the undergraduate level - modules include 2nd-year Inorganic Chemistry and 1st-year Physical Chemistry. Prof Arderne also teaches postgraduate students at the Honours, Masters and PhD level where she currently supervise one Honours student, two MSc students and two PhD students. Her current research interest lies in looking at the action of small molecule complexes of Co(III), Ni(II) and related transition metals bound to suitable ligand systems as mimetic complexes for the Urease enzyme.

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Associate Professor
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University of Johannesburg
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South Africa
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Southern Africa

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