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PhD (University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria); MSc (1993, Bayero University Nigeria, Nigeria); BSc (1984, Bayero University Nigeria, Nigeria)
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Professor Ado-Baba Ahmed graduated from Bayero University, Kano with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Biology and worked with the Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research (Federal Ministry of Science and Technology) as a Research Scientist for two decades, advancing to become a Chief Research Scientist in 2001. While at the institute, he was privileged to conduct extensive research on the vectors of trypanosomiasis and onchocerciasis in Nigeria and several African countries. He joined the academia in 2005 and rose to became a Professor of Entomology.

Over the past two decades, Prof Ahmed was passionately engaged in research on insects with his current research focus in Forensic Entomology. He is a fellow of Zoological Society of Nigeria (FZSN), a member of the Parasitology and Public health Society of Nigeria (PPSN), International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC) and International Society for Pest Information (ISPI) among others.

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University of The Gambia
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West Africa

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