Dear Members of the African Science Directory, 

About Quest 

Quest: Science for South Africa is a popular science magazine aimed specifically at the youth (Grade 10-12 learners) and the general public who have an interest in the sciences. It aims to present the country’s (South Africa’s) foremost scientific work in an accessible form and can be used to support curricula work at various levels and institutions. Quest is distributed to public high schools with science departments, universities, libraries, science centres, government departments, parliamentary committees, embassies, NGOs, TVETs and resource centres. Quest is also available at selected national science events, science Olympiads, DST events and Focus weeks and at various communal functions.  

Quest is published on a quarterly basis, and each issue has a theme, which is generally decided six months in advance. 

Quest: Science for South Africa is managed, hosted and published as an open access (free) magazine, by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)

Call for Articles for end June issue 

Scientists/researchers are invited to submit articles (700 to 1 000 words) by 2 June 2023. Articles must be text-light and photos/infographics/visuals are preferred. Authors of articles will be acknowledged through including their ORCiDs

The next edition is dedicated to the theme of “Power and nature”, examining the relationship between energy and nature, with potential focus areas the following: 

  • The global and local energy crisis 
  • Renewable energy technologies 
  • Water use 
  • Natural resources 
  • Climate change and energy 
  • Food security 

Important: Submissions do not necessarily have to tie in with the theme and can be on any new South-African science. 

We are looking forward to receiving your popular science article by 2 June 2023!

For more information please contact: 

Mr Magick Maphanga 

Programme Officer: Quest Magazine 

Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)