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Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence
18-19 May 2023 

The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) is hosting an online discussion forum in collaboration with proSET (Professionals in science, engineering and technology) on
Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence’ on 18-19 May 2023. proSET is a sector of the NSTF representing more than 40 professional societies. The NSTF Sub-Committee of proSET is responsible for the topic and contributes to identifying interesting ideas and speakers.  
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The key question is: How do we prevent AI technologies from taking away human agency, put AI to good use and mitigate the possible harmful impact of these technologies?    

The world as we know it is changing with 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies (or Digital Age technologies) taking over various tasks performed by humans. These new developments are provoking debates and concerns among professionals and others in society around the world. The recent introduction of the chatbots ChatGPT and Bard AIhas left many people conflicted. This discussion forum provides a platform to share knowledge and insights on the connections between AI, its use in and contribution to the economy, and its impact on society.  

Questions and considerations: Scientists and related professionals from various disciplines and stakeholders are invited to participate in discussing the following questions or themes:
– What is AI, where is it used and why is it important to develop it?         
– The use of AI in manufacturing, business and industry         
– AI Large Language Models and chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard AI       
–  The challenges that AI technologies pose to society and humanity        
–  What are the implications for the education of learners and students?        
–  What skills are important in the context of these new developments?          
– What legislation, regulations and/or codes of conduct should be developed? 
Envisaged outcomes: To formulate recommendations on …·         
– How to promote the responsible use of AI technologies         
– Responsible education and skills training in the context of AI         
– Legislation, regulations and codes of conduct relating to the use of AI        
– Implications for leadership in business, research and society 

Outputs will be available on the event page of the NSTF website:·         
– Presentation slides (depending on permission from the speakers)         
– Speakers’ biographies
– Video clips of presentations
– Lastly, a media release will also be issued which summarises the most important issues and conclusions. They will also be publicised on social media platforms (FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn).

NSTF Discussion Forum: Pitfalls of AI  Date: 18-19 May 2023
Time: 09:00-13:00 (on both days)

Draft programme: Click here for the draft programme

Concept document: Click here to read the concept document

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points: CPD points will be awarded to attendees who are registered with SACNASP (South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions). For other affiliations, please contact the NSTF office atenquiries@nstf.org.za.

Register (online event): The event is held online via the NSTF Zoom platform. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription to this discussion forum, where after you will be diverted to a web page with the details of the event (Zoom link). Click here to register.
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Background on proSET: The proSET Committee, representing 47 professional societies, promotes cooperation among professional organisations in SET and education, strives for improved SET education, and promotes the image of all SET practitioners. proSET focuses on issues of cross-cutting interest to the professional bodies sector. These are achieved through this annual Discussion Forum where a range of topical SET and innovation issues are discussed by various experts and key role players in SET and STEM education community.

About the NSTF: The NSTF is a non-profit stakeholder forum representing the SET and innovation community in South Africa. The membership consists of more than 120 organisations, and ranges from research institutions, universities and state entities to business, professional societies (proSET) and civil society. The NSTF promotes collaboration and critical thinking among a broad range of stakeholders. NSTF Discussion Forums gather stakeholders together, across the public and private sectors, to exchange knowledge and ideas, and give feedback to government and relevant authorities. 

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