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PhD (1990, University of Grenoble, France)
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Prof Fairouz Malek was born on 6th March 1964 in Algiers, Algeria. She obtained a BSc in Physics in 1986 at the University of Science and Technologies at Algiers. She moved to France in October 1987, where she obtained an MSc in Nuclear Physics and a PhD in Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Grenoble in 1990.  She obtained a permanent position as a full researcher at CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research, Particle and Nuclear Physics Department, IN2P3) in 1991. She completed her Habilitation at the University of Grenoble in 1999 and became Research Director in 2009.

Most of her work was performed at CERN. First, on a nuclear physics experiment with low energy anti-protons beam at LEAR (Low Energy Antiproton Ring), studying the hypernuclear decay lifetime in nuclear fission. Then at the SPS (Super Proton Synchrotron) on experiments using heavy ions beams, studying the Quark-Gluon Plasma state of matter. She was involved in the concept, the prototyping, and the tests of a Cherenkov Counter for Phase 2 of the AMS experiment (Anti-Matter Spectrometer) which flew to the International space station and which purpose was to study the anti-matter in space. Since 2000, she is a member of the ATLAs experiment at the LHC whose main outcome was the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012.  She served as Publications committee members and as Physics Office coordinator until 2020. She was the ATLAS Grenoble institutional team leader for ten years (2003-2013) and the scientific project leader of the consortium that she built in France, gathering the four French LHC experiments (12 laboratories) around the GRID computing project (CERN W-LCG) . She was a member of the C13 committee at the IUPAP and the IGPD committee and its board member at EPS for six years (2009-2013). These committees’ main tasks were to set initiatives in physics with the developing countries. She also served at the French Physics Society (SFP) for 3 years at the council, and then became head of the North-South committee for six years. She was the founder and the first president of the gender balance association in Grenoble: “Parité Science”

She was coordinating the collaborations with the developing countries on behalf of the IN2P3 for five years (2009-2014) and was the project leader of International Research Network projects such as P2IM. She is also serving as an expert in the H2020-MSCA projects since 2017. More recently, she joined the FCC (Future Circular Collider) studies collaboration.

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Research director
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Centre national de la recherche scientifique
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North Africa

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